Tuesday, September 05, 2006

on imperfection

The idea that comes to mind when looking at the some of the best paintings and drawings, the best work really in all sorts of art forms, is that they embody an acknowledgment of their own imperfection. And this suggest humility, humanity, honesty. Life is off-kilter, unfinished, damaged...so, in a way, the best works are a manifestation, a mirror, of these aspects of life: not an idealization of one aspect (perhaps beauty), but an amalgamation of the mistakes and corrections of a journey or process.

What will be the physiognomy of painting, of poetry, of music, in a hundred years? No one can tell. As after the fall of Athens, of Rome, a long pause will intervene, caused by the exhaustion of conciousness itself. Humanity, to rejoin the past, must invent a second naivete, without which the arts can never begin again.
E.M. Cioran, The Trouble with Being Born


SmogRanch said...

Geez, only one comment on the entire page. I feel bad. You should write about young Hollywood or just human image. You would get so many comments and hits it would should down the server.


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m_napper said...

whoever, whatever tormentaa is, is brilliant! Thank you Anonymous for that link! I'll put it in the link column.

Miss F said...

Totally agree with that. what so many artists lack nowadays is innocence, naivete, and awareness of the bigger world and THEIR place in society.

I see artists as grotesquely preoccupied with the Self, always watching themselves, thinking about thinking and irony and BEING ironic. In traditional societies however Artists were more NATURAL (i.e., there is no duality between the heart and mind, and “logos” has not yet replaced “mythos”) and were not individualistic- they created art FOR the community, for something higher and more meaningful than THEMSELVES.